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Tim Tebow Signed to Deal With New England Patriots

Tebow Patriots pic

News just broke that Tim Tebow has signed a contract with the New England Patriots, and Tebow supporters everywhere should be ecstatic. Although it is not completely clear what kind of role he will be given in the coming season, it is clear that this is a step in the right direction. He is expected to stay at quarterback and work with the man who drafted him in Denver, New England’s Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Being an unsigned free agent with his NFL future in jeopardy, this is – in my opinion – the best thing that could have happened to the polarizing quarterback. He will be given a chance to learn the game from perhaps the league’s best coach in Bill Belichick, as well as 3-time Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Tom Brady. No, he won’t have a chance to compete for the starting job (much like last year), but he has been given an opportunity to prove himself and maybe earn some respect as an NFL quarterback.

Coming off a year where Tebow was center stage of a circus that was the New York Jets, he badly needs a new image. The all-business Patriots are the complete opposite, and if Tebow can buy into this “team first” philosophy – which he should have no problem with, considering his personality – then he should have no problem fitting in in New England, even if he is just a cog in the machine.


Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

Saturday 4:30 PM ET: New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers

The unstoppable force meets the immovable object.  Unstoppable is not an overstatement either; Brees and the Saints’ offense have been rolling on all cylinders and show no signs of slowing down.  One piece of information that I have noticed many experts and analysts using against New Orleans is the fact that they have struggled when playing outdoors.  When playing without a dome this year, the Saints were 3 and 2 (13 and 3 overall), which may or not be significant.  You could argue that 60 degree weather may not affect a dome team as much as numbers suggest but the Saints have averaged a full two touchdowns less in those games.  What I keep coming back to are the memories of exciting, high-flying, flashy offenses being stopped in their tracks by a big boy defense (as the Ravens and Steelers have shown us in many recent years).  As incredible as Drew Brees has been all year, I really think that we could see an instance where he actually has some issues throwing those accurate, 20 yard missiles downfield that he has made look so easy.  In a year that has definitely been a breeze for the New Orleans offense, this one looks more like a grind. Continue reading