Schiano Will Right Tampa Bay’s Ship

Greg Schiano, new Head Coach for Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are about to be relevant again. After a terribly disappointing 2011 season, where the team finished 4-12 and ended the year on a 10 game losing streak, change was needed.  The team that came into the year with so much potential seemed to play without any sort of purpose, and rolled over in front of every single team they played down the stretch.  Raheem Morris was ousted at the end of the regular season and Tampa Bay brought in Rutgers’ Head Coach Greg Schiano to fill his shoes.  Schiano is the perfect man for the job.

As a Giants fan, I know first-hand how much of a difference a strong presence at head coach can make.  Tom Coughlin inherited a team from Jim Fassel that lacked discipline and motivation, and managed to instill those values into his team.  There was definitely a fair share of growing pains – as there will be with Schiano – but the results are there. Continue reading


Jorge Posada – It’s Been An Honor

Jorge Posada – “It’s been an Honor”

As long as I have been watching baseball – granted, it’s only been something like 13 or 14 years – Jorge Posada has been driving in key runs and catching well enough to help propel his team to 5 World Championships.  Year after year, I can recall John Sterling raving about just how important “Georgie” was to the Yankees, and how much of an impact he really had on the team over the span of his 17-year career.  If there is one thing that I will remember Posada for, it would be how he approached the game. Continue reading


NFC Championship Game Prediction

 NFC Championship Game: New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers   6:30 PM ET

So here we are at the NFC Championship Game, and instead of a Drew Brees/Aaron Rodgers shootout, we have another (unlikely) chapter to add to a storied rivalry between San Fran and New York.

These teams have met in the postseason on quite a few occasions – with many of the contests being defined by a single play or going down to the last second – and this is a game that will surely be one that both teams will remember for a long time.  In their latest meeting, San Francisco mounted a historic comeback and took down the Giants as New York botched a field goal snap as time was winding down in a 2002 Wild Card Game.  This series has had its fair share of classic moments in the past: The signature over the 49ers in 1985 when the Giants held Joe Montana and Roger Craig’s group to 3 points, as well as the ’91 New York team putting the kibosh on the Montana dynasty among many others.  Bottom line, these teams have some of the NFL’s most classic playoff matchups. Continue reading


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