Seattle – New Orleans preview

Beast ModeMarshawn Lynch, doing that Beast Mode thing.

by Jim Bearor

This might be the least professional post I ever publish on here, but whatever. I’m a little crunched for time, and I wanted to sound off a bit on the upcoming Saints at Seahawks game.

Everyone knows about how important home field advantage is for Seattle (7-1) and how much difficulty New Orleans has had with road games this season (4-5). Also, it looks like it’s going to rain during today’s game. Yeah. I know the Saints had a big “statement win” on the road in Philadelphia last week, but comparing the impact of Eagles fans with ‘Hawks fans is just plain stupid.

There is no place more hostile to play in than Seattle’s home field – the crowd noise reaches about 136 decibels, just a touch below that of a jet engine (140 db). That has an effect on visiting team that cannot be denied, and I expect to see this loudness – paired with not-so-perfect weather – to expose New Orleans as the dome team they are. I’m not saying that last week was a fluke, but this is apples and oranges.

Seattle’s secondary should have no trouble matching up with the wideouts of the Saints, so I think Payton will decided to test his luck on the ground with former Ingram and Robinson. This is – in my opinion – the key to an upset, if there is one (there won’t be). But maybe, if New Orleans can control the tempo with a physical run game (nope), they’ll open up the possibility for Drew Brees to work some play action (probably not, though).

What I see happening is Russell Wilson managing the game (not an insult), and do what he can to control the clock as Marshawn Lynch does his thing. Alright, game time is getting real close now.

Here’s my prediction: Seattle takes the wind out of New Orleans’ sails early, and they control the tempo throughout. The Saints may put up some points, but not until they are already in a sizeable hole and the “Legion of Boom” starts giving receivers some cushion.

Seattle wins, 31-14.


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