The Return of Jake Peavy

by Nick Wershing

Remember that old Jake Peavy who had some of the filthiest stuff in the game; that guy who averaged about 9.6 K’s per game over a four year span; that ace who once went 19-6 for the San Diego Padres, winning the pitching triple-crown that year? Well, after a strained tendon in his ankle and surgery to repair his detached latissimus dorsi muscle in his back, he seems to be back. After his most current 6.1 inning outing in which he only gave up 3 hits to the crosstown rival Cubs, Peavy is 5-1.

He is once again among the discussion for top arm on the trade market, due both to the White Sox .500 record and the addition of the extra wild card team. The addition of the extra wild card team should add incentive for teams on the bubble to add some more fire power to their pitching staff, and Peavy would improve any starting rotation the way he is pitching right now.

Will Peavy be able to keep up his current success? Let us hope so. For a guy who has been the topic of trade discussion for most of his career, it is nice to see him back in the winner’s circle. And it appears as if he can stay there. Peavy has a sub-1.00 WHIP this season, and his hit to walk ratio is up to 5. Peavy is keeping runners off base, allowing him to pitch from the wind-up and focus on getting each hitter out. Peavy also already has 2 complete games this year, showing his endurance is back to post-surgery form. Whenever a pitcher goes down with an arm or back injury, you have to wonder if the effects will be lingering. Let’s hope that for Peavy, these injuries stay behind him and he continues to pitch like the ace he once was.

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